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"Our mission is to help impact, improve and inspire others towards a healthier and peaceful life."

Bradford and Crystal Usher developed a passion for Health and Wellness after several years of exploring diverse diets, and products. After researching food, and how it affects the body, they decided to make a solid lifestyle change of becoming conscious eaters. They saw the positive results it gave to them and their children.  Bradford and Crystal knew that they wanted to create something incredible for people to help improve their lifestyle and overall quality of health


They developed a love for cold-pressed juice, and understanding the benefits that it could have on the body. That it could serve as a remedy. In 2019,  they created Juice Remedy a Health and Wellness company that offers delicious; nutrient-filled juice, Sea Moss and other products that will help remedy your life.

Each individual remedy is made with all natural fruit and vegetables and LOTS of love!

Meet The Owners


Bradford Usher

Bradford Usher is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He’s happily married to  his wife Crystal and together they share four children.  From a young age Bradford always enjoyed; sports, and working out. Throughout his adolescent years his parents modeled a lifestyle of health and wellness. He saw them maintain a consistent workout regimen that he adopted and carried over into his adulthood. 

In 2014, Bradford sustained a shoulder injury that required surgery and a long recovery. During that recovery time he began to research and study food and how it affects the body and mind. His research and newfound knowledge gave him a desire to change he and his family’s lifestyle.  To eat clean and conscious. The dietary changes he made within his own life completely transformed him and his family from the inside out. He knew that he not only wanted to share this with others but that he needed to share and inspire them to live a healthier life.


Bradford wanted to create a business and product that could serve has a source of wellness. Not only is Bradford the Founder and CEO of Juice Remedy. He’s a distinguished member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Also, for the past seven years he has worked in the Mental Health Field as a Family Support Professional.

Crystal Usher is a native of Evansville, Indiana and currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband Bradford and their four children.  At an early age Crystal was struck by the acting and singing bug and realized she had a passion and talent in all things Creative and Performing Arts. Crystal’s training and pursuit in the Arts not only was a part of her youth, it carried over into adulthood.


In 2002 after attending Indiana State University where she studied Music Performance,  she relocated to Indianapolis and pursued a career in the Beauty Industry as a Makeup Artist, while continuing to perform in theatre productions, and short films. After nearly 10 years as a Makeup Artist Crystal wanted to be more attentive to her growing family and work alongside her husband. Together, they wanted to create a business that could inspire and help people towards a healthier lifestyle as well as build a legacy for their children.


Today, Crystal not only oversees the day to day operations of Juice Remedy, she also serves as the Creative Director of Product Development. She recently Directed her first Short Film Losing Faith, has Co-Hosted a radio show and continues to be a part of the Beauty Industry as an Educator and Consultant for other Makeup Artists.

Crystal Usher

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