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Terms & Conditions

  • All Cancellations and Refund Requests must be made within 24 hours of order date.​

  • All products sold on our website are "Sold As Is" with a satisfaction guarantee on product quality and customer service. As each body reacts differently to the product, the satisfaction guarantee does not cover the range of possible results or physical experience with the product.​

  • Information provided on shall not be acted upon without the approval of a licensed health professional.  The products on are not intended to improve, cure, treat, diagnose or better any ailments, sicknesses, illnesses or any other associated conditions. Any decision related to purchasing any products on must be cleared by your licensed physician and health care provider. You are entirely responsible for use of any products purchased on You are also entirely responsible for any use that of this product by anyone else that you choose to share it with.​

  • Juice Remedy, LLC is Not liable due to negligence of any of the terms and conditions listed and any other statements of caution and warnings on any associated products or any  other associated materials.

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