How We Got Here

With a passion for Health and Wellness Bradford Usher knew that he wanted to create something incredible for people to help improve their lifestyle and overall quality of health.

Bradford observed people close to him rely heavily on medication to maintain their health and he’s also seen them succumb to the health struggles that plagued them for so long.

Bradford has studied and continues to educate himself on the benefits of a healthier diet. The dietary changes he made within his own life completely transformed him and his family from the inside out. He knew that he not only wanted to share this with others but that he needed to share and inspire them to live a healthier life. Bradford didn’t know precisely what to create and how to do it, but he knew it would come to him and at just the right time, and it did!

Bradford knew that he loved cold-pressed juice, and he understood the benefits that it could have on the body. That it could serve as a remedy. Along, with his wife Crystal, who also shares the same passion for healthy living, improving the lives of others and a lover of juice. Together they created Juice Remedy a cold-pressed juice company that offers delicious; nutrient-filled juice that will help remedy your life.

With Juice Remedy we want our customers to have an experience when they drink our juice.

Each individual remedy is made with all natural fruit and vegetables and LOTS of love!


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